Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes

Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes – The Most Advanced & Hands on WordPress Course, Create 8 Different Projects w/ Post Types, Taxonomies, CMB2 & Gutenberg

Are you ready to take your WordPress skills to a whole new level?

With Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes you will learn all these technologies with a 100% practical course.


But you will learn more than that, in this course we’re developing 8 DIFFERENT PROJECTS!!

  1. A Plugin for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
  2. A Plugin for Metaboxes.
  3. A Plugin for Upcoming Events with CMB2
  4. Filter Posts with Masonry Effect & WP Ajax
  5. An Advanced Search Form with WP Ajax
  6. Submit Posts from the Front End of our WordPress Site
  7. Infinite Scrolling with Ajax and WP REST API
  8. Create your Custom Gutenberg Blocks.

This are complete, real world, develop from start to finish projects, each project contains between 8 and 13 videos, so they’re in depth examples!

What else i will learn in this course?

We will use a lot of different techniques and integrate different technologies such as: jQuery, CSS3, WP Ajax, the Shortcode API, Custom Metaboxes 2 (CMB2), WP REST API, Gutenberg, Filterizr & a lot more!

If you have some experience working with WordPress and you want to learn more advanced topics, this course is for you!

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Advanced WordPress Topics Post Types Taxonomies Metaboxes
Advanced WordPress Topics Post Types Taxonomies Metaboxes
Course TitleAdvanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes
Author Name Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez
Last Update11/2018
Number of Lectures129
File Size3.14 GB

What Will I Learn?

  • Create your own Gutenberg Blocks
  • Add CMB2 into your theme or plugin to develop really advanced WordPress Sites
  • Understand what Taxonomies, Metaboxes and Custom Post Types are
  • Understand the Shortcode API, WP Ajax & more with practical Examples
  • Use the WP REST API and WP Ajax
  • Create WordPress Plugins!
  • Develop more advanced and complex WordPress sites
  • Leverage your CSS3, jQuery, PHP and JavaScript with WordPress Development


  • Have a Local WordPress installation i will be using MAMP, but you can use WAMP, XAMPP, Vagrant or Bitnami, you will be fine ­čÖé
  • A Text Editor, i will be using Atom, but sublime text, brackets, or any other also works! Visual Studio Code is also free and available for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Basic WordPress Development experience, if you know how to write a WP_Query and what’s the loop you will be fine!

Who is the target audience?

  • If you have some experience with WordPress Development then this course is for you
  • This is not a beginners course, you need at least some basic WordPress experience
  • All the code is gonna be written from scratch ( Code Snippets included in the course to help you) and finished projects too
  • You have to know where themes, plugins and all these files are stored in WordPress
  • If you have some basic PHP, CSS, HTML or JS experience with web design and you want to use WordPress this course will help you
  • If you learn more by building real world projects then this course is for you!
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