Angular Authentication Using Firebase Masterclass

Learn to implement User Authentication using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Email/Password, Phone, and Anonymous strategies using Firebase Authentication.

We'll start with understanding the Firebase Console. We'll then configure and enable several sign-in methods on Firebase Authentication Providers Section. We'll then implement User Authentication in our Angular App. Finally we'll refactor the code.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to implement User Angular Authentication using social identity providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and GitHub. You'll also be able to implement User Authentication using Email/Password, Phone and Anonymous strategies.

Angular Authentication - Implement User Authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, Email/Password, Phone, and Anonymous.

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Course TitleFirebase Authentication masterclass with Angular
Author NameSiddharth Ajmera
Last Update7/2018
Number of Lectures26
File Size1.51 GB

Angular Authentication What Will I Learn?

  1. Create an Angular App that showcases User Authentication
  2. Implement User Authentication using social channels like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Google
  3. Build sign-in/sign-up experiences using pop-ups as well as redirects
  4. Develop User Authentication using Phone Sign-in


  1. Sound knowledge of TypeScript
  2. Working knowledge of ES6 or later
  3. Hands-on experience with Angular
  4. Angular CLI(1.5+) and NodeJS(Latest Version) installed.
  5. A code Editor. Preferrably Visual Studio Code
  6. A laptop or PC with 4 GB of RAM and around 100 GB+ of Harddisk

Who is the target audience?

  1. Beginner Angular Developers curious about Firebase Authentication.
  2. Angular Developers looking to implement User Authentication with Email/Password combination, Phone Number, and social Open Identity providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub etc.
  3. Developers looking to learn implementing Social Sign-in in their apps.

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