Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

Have limited time to learn Angular 4 (Angular 2+)? Take this course and learn Angular in 10 hours!

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Course TitleAngular Crash Course for Busy Developers
Author NameMosh Hamedani
Last Update4/2018
Number of Lectures137
File Size1.13 GB

What Will I Learn?

  1. Master the essential Angular concepts
  2. Troubleshoot common runtime errors
  3. Write cleaner, more maintainable code


  1. Basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  2. No prior knowledge of earlier versions of Angular is required


Chances are you have heard that Angular developers are in demand these days. And you are here to learn Angular fast.

There are tons of great courses out there for learning Angular. But most these courses are more than 20 hours long. If you’re a busy developer and need to quickly pick up Angular, this is the ideal course for you.

This course contains 20 hours of content but you only need to watch the first 10 hours. The other 10 hours are recorded with an earlier version of Angular. You don’t need to watch those videos.

So, in  just 10 hours, you can learn all the essential Angular concepts! You can simply dedicate a weekend to this course and by the end of the weekend you’ll have a good understanding of Angular and you’ll be able to build real client apps with Angular.

More specifically, you’ll learn about: 

  1. Fundamentals of TypeScript and object-oriented programming
  2. Displaying data and handling events
  3. Building re-usable components
  4. Manipulating the DOM using directives
  5. Formatting data using pipes
  6. Building template-driven and reactive forms
  7. Consuming HTTP services
  8. Handling HTTP errors properly
  9. Using Reactive Extensions and observables
  10. Adding routing and navigation

You don’t need any prior knowledge of earlier versions of Angular. As long as you have some basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can take this course and start learning Angular right now!

Every section includes a few bite-sized videos and concludes with a coding exercise to help you master what you learn in that section.

Reviewed by Todd Motto (Google Developer Expert):

Mosh has a fantastic teaching style, and just delivered the best online course I’ve seen in a long time. Mosh’s approach to teaching and guiding makes no assumptions on existing Angular 1.x knowledge, but helps those who have to clarify new concepts. Mosh guides you through critical concepts slowly without skipping over details, and the course is extremely worth investing a few hours in, your understanding of Angular 2 will reach new levels. He fills all the gaps, presents impeccably well and the preparation was top notch, seriously can’t recommend the course enough.

Who is the target audience?

  • Web developers wanting to build apps with Angular 2+

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