Bootstrap 4 crash course by building Single Page Website

Crash course for those who want to make a single page website using Twitter Bootstrap 4 within 2 hours.

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Course TitleBootstrap 4 crash course by building Single Page Website
Author NameJay Mayu
Last Update2/2018
Number of Lectures17
File Size161.04 MB

What Will I Learn?

  1. Rapid prototyping of websites
  2. Ability to understand how to make use of Bootstrap to design websites


  1. Access to PC / Mac
  2. Basic understanding of JavaScript, CSS & HTML
  3. Install Atom IDE


In this crash course we are going to learn how to build a responsive single page website using Twitter bootstrap 4. This course is initially done with Bootstrap 3.x but now updated to Bootstrap 4.0. Existing students get free update! I’m commited to update the same in the future too.

I’m a fan of learn as you go approach. There is no point learning everything, unless you know how to apply it practically. In this course I’m going to help you to build up some core skills as web designer with minimal effort.

Beside Twitter bootstrap, I’ll teach you how to make use of Google Web fonts and some interesting CSS3 features.

By end of this tutorial, not only you will have a responsive single page site but also a template that you can re-design and re-sell to your potential clients. Also, you will know how many designers and developers do rapid development using Twitter bootstrap.

See you in next lesson.

Who is the target audience?

  1. Designers
  2. Developers

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