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Project Management Certification | Project Management Course – Project Management Certification to get in an industry that is adding 1.5 million jobs each year: Project Management

This Project Management course udemy about how to Become a Project Manager, is designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and skills you need to become a successful Project Manager in any industry.

Project Management positions are growing at 1.5 million opportunities per year worldwide & Project Managers are earning up to $200k/year, some even more! By taking this Project Management course udemy you will develop the leadership skills needed to effectively manage a team that will meet the expectations of your customers and business goals.

The demand for Project Managers is increasing at an insane rate as more and more companies realize the importance of this role. But how exactly do you get into the field? I’ll get you up to date on ALL the skills you need to learn Project Management AND have the best chance at getting the job you want. I’ll also share resources you can use to get formally certified for free or at a very low cost by some of the leading Universities in the world. I’ll show you what you need to know and what you have to do – all taught from a Project Management expert.

Students are not required to know anything beforehand (but if you do, no worries! You’ll still learn a lot). I’ll teach you the fundamentals, how to apply them, how to develop into an advanced Project Manager, and finally how to maximize your chances of getting a job as a Project Manager.

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Course TitleProject Management Certification | Project Management Course
Author NameMauricio Rubio
Last Update11/2018
Number of Lectures22
File Size 652.97 MB
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish

What Will I Learn?

  • To lead projects.
  • To manage a project team with confidence.
  • How to kick-start your career in Project Management.
  • How to Become a Project Manager.
  • To develop a budget, schedule, business case, risk assessment and more.
  • How to use different Project Management tools and apps that will lead you to success.
  • To understand the core concepts of Project Management & the Phases of a Project.
  • To understand the differences between different Project Management methodologies.
  • You will learn the key skills that will make you a great Project Manager.
  • You will get the resources you need for a Project Management Certification.
  • Change Management in Project Management.


  • No previous knowledge required, but if you have it no worries! You will still learn a lot in this course ­čÖé
  • A good pair of headphones, a pc, mobile or tablet.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who want to Become a Project Manager.
  • Men and women who would like to pursue a career in Project Management.
  • People who want to learn about Project Management.
  • Developers, Business Analysts, Coordinators, Change Managers, Analysts and anyone who would like to switch to a career in Project Management.
  • People interested in easily finding job opportunities. Project Management is a huge market!
  • People interested in making between $80-$200k per year. And sometimes even more ­čÖé
  • People who like to lead teams, coordinate tasks and build relationships of trust.
  • This course is for beginners but also for seasoned veterans. Either way you will find this course informative, productive and valuable.
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